“Very American to be moved to shop by a tragedy”

The title quote is from Eric the Fez, who sends in a Bloomberg news story that the most recent Arizona shooting of a congressman, child, judge, and others has increased sales of semi-automatic Glock pistols. In another report, I read that the congresswoman, shot in the head this past weekend, had boasted of having this exact gun in a political message last year.

Apparently, the lesson is buy more guns. Please do not blame me for pretending to be from Canada!

One comment

  1. Ehh, its not the guns that worry me, its paranoid-violent political rhetoric, close minded people, and lack of community that are largely responsible for violence like this. As a pretty liberal (some would say radical) gun owning American who has almost been the victim of gun violence, I totally understand why people might react to irrational violence by arming themselves. Or, maybe they’re just paranoids who think their guns are going to be taken away.

    Regardless, a very sad situation.

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