Melting older ladies’ hearts is enka heart-throb Hikawa Kiyoshi

I discovered enka heart-throb Hikawa Kiyoshi (氷川きよし) on the New Year’s Eve Kouhaku show. He did a big enka ballad in an over-sexed Arabian Nights production with gyrating belly-dancers. I love how in this image above he’s in front of a (very not gay) rainbow. It’s good to see that some youths are willing to entertain the nation’s growing population of elderly.


  1. You just discovered Kiyoshi?! How did you survive without him until now! I’m not a fangirl but I LOVE Kiyoshi. He’s so smooth and cheesy! ❤

  2. I must say that although the rainbow, the hairless chest of the boy, “the hiiiiills are aliiiiiiiive” expression in his eyes etc makes the picture look really cheesy, it doesn’t ring “gay” to me. Julie Andrews did it better. Sorry all queer kiyoshi-fans out there. Even too much is not enough on this one.

  3. Oh ho ho- it’s not only old ladies that swoon over Kiyoshi! 😉 How can you have lived in Japan and just be discovering the Prince of Enka! Be sure to check out his YOSAKOI no Soran – it’s fantastic and extremely over-the top!

  4. NOOOO I missed a NEW YEAR’S EVE HIKAWA KIYOSHI BELLYDANCE? How???? When I lived in Yamagata I watched this 40 billion times a day — OMG this takes me back so vividly:

    Look at him, he’s so time-warped and fabulous…but this is one of those things your Japanese friends don’t really get, though, hahaha.

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