Is this video actor hot or skanky?

I am a huge fan of Shibuya Night’s blog, The Salaryman, The Yakuza and the Host Boy. It’s written as the personal diary and interests of a 20ish European woman who enjoys Japanese men, and it, too, was listed as one of CNNgo’s top 10 Japan blog in English. I love her nasty stories and constant visual stream of extreme male images. It’s a great reminder that some women find these super-femme boys very sexy.

I hope she doesn’t mind if I quote from her fangirling of this photo. And I wonder, do my readers think this video actor is hot or skanky?!

I want to ram him.
He’s in gay porn and straight porn. But he’s also pretty much a prostitute.
I could technically email his company and be like, I want a 60minute session with him please, but really… paying him…. serious? I doubt I would.

If I ever get so bored when I’m back in Tokyo, I might just go hang around takadanobaba and bump into him ha! Stalkerrrrrr

It says on his profile he’s not gay. Yum.


  1. She and I certainly have a few quirks in common, but our taste in boys is NOT one of them. I marvel at her pictures. I was so delighted and fascinated by the over-the-top madness of gyaruo when I first came to Japan, but then I went out with a few and now I just, naw. No. That guy looks like pineapple flavored lube from Don Quixote to me. I look at the picture and I can just smell his cologne and synthetic clothes. Oh. Not my thing. He might be very nice, but not for my loins. Not into it. Are you?

    P.S. I was briefly friends with a girl who had an AV-star-crush like this, and she did end up ramming the guy. She found him on Yahoo Personals. Shibuya Nights should try that!

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