1. I’ve read nearly everywhere that gyms won’t take you if you’re tattoo’d. I know like onsen this is to keep yakuza out but is it the same for Westerners? Just curious. Though I doubt as in America I wouldn’t actually make it to the gym anyway. 😦

  2. Gyms and onsen, yes. I have yet to go to a sento that has said anything about the tattoos of my friends and I. This could be explained by me being caucasian but my best Japanese friend is covered in them and a wide range of sento staff never bat an eye.

    Levine is quite striking.

  3. I am not sure about independently owned onsen but I have been in many a hotel onsen and have never been harassed about my tattoos. Granted there usually isn’t someone funneling people in and out. I really want to go to Spa World in Osaka and I know they have the no tattoo policy but I am willing to risk it. I think it’s doubtful that a smallish America girl is Yakuza.

  4. I’m a blondish American girl – and I got banned from my gym in Tokyo for ONE small ankle tattoo being spotted.

    To gain reentry, I had to lie; say it was temporary, coat it with enough makeup to hide it, pass a visual inspection that it was gone, and write a formal letter of apology.

    As for onsen, no problems, but then, I keep a towel or bandage over the tattoos until submersed.

    Try it though! Perhaps onsen and sento are slightly more forgiving because you aren’t a “member” and will go away soon. In my case, they have to put up with my foreign ass to get their monthly fee- so I have to put up with their rules/customs and keep the tats hidden!

  5. When I was in Japan there was a sento the next street over from where I was staying that didn’t mind tattoos. In fact, there were a few yakuza who went there regularly… but I also lived in an area that a fairly high up member of the Yakuza also lived in, so that could contribute to that….

  6. He is soo hot πŸ™‚ I love him on The Voice and just in general πŸ™‚ He is really funny, fun, and he can sing like nobodys buisines πŸ™‚ I just love him soo much, even his many, many tattoos xD Love You Adam!

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