Meet John Boehner, Republican House Speaker & Cryer

Is this a man-crush forming?

I was a little sad that in the Republican “wave,” the male Tea Baggers mostly won, while some of the craziest lady tea baggers lost, including the anti-masturbation witch (DE), world wrestling CEO (CT), “man up” Arizona know-nothing (AZ) (NV), and the tech titans (CA).

I find some small consolation in the growing popularity of right-wing Republicans who are public cryers. Most everyone knows about Glenn Beck, but now the spotlight turns on John Boehner, the new House Speaker (OH). He cries over innocent school children, the sacrifice of the soldiers, and his hardscrabble upbringing with 11 siblings. He’s also known for his orange skin color, heavy smoking, and coziness with all sorts of big money lobbyists. The New York Times remarked on “his quivering lips and moist lashes.”

Do you think men who don’t cry on camera are less trust-worthy?!


  1. The “man up” Arizona know-nothing is actually, I think, Sharron Angle, of Nevada. But her “arrest the brown” sister, Jan Brewer, won her governor’s race over in Arizona.
    Ms. Angle’s speaking style nearly perfectly matches “resign for cash” Sarah Palin’s, while Ms. Brewer’s scratchy vocal stumblings have no equal that I’m aware of in our Great Exceptional Land of Freedom and Prosperity and Grumpy Old White People.

    1. Thanks, J-son. I think I was beginning to lose track of all the radicals taking over the US government. What do you think of all those manly tears?! I imagine the tears reaching a tsunami much like the cleansing rain that De Niro wishes for in Taxi Driver.

      1. Good question. I’d think so given that he finally grew up some facial hair in his latest movie. Puberty, anyone? 😀

  2. Smoke gets in my eyeeees.
    I never trust men who cry so often in public. His internal guilts must have been short-circuited; he is actually crying for himself.

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