Most disgusting canned drink ever?!

Is this new? Has anyone tried it? I was stunned to see this in the vending machine, and then read the katakana to understand that this Morinaga-brand drink is a “hotto caaki miruku seiki” (in other words, a hotcake milk shake). Please let me know if you’ve tried it! Can you taste the butter and faux maple syrup, or is it all pancake?!



  1. I have been checking the vending machines…I have NOT seen it! I must try it! Too bad it isn’t like Willy Wonka’s magical gobstopper with an entire breakfast in the flavor…start out with fresh orange juice, then pancakes, then bacon, then a cheese blintz for the finale!

    1. If you keep your eyes out, you’ll find it in the vending machines. Is that the future of food? Everything in milkshake form? I like your idea of the entire meal, or maybe even a week’s worth of food in one shake!

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