Last night in the universe

I am posting this only because I think Asano Tadanobu is one of Japan’s sexiest actors. I think the movie might be too violent for me to watch. Thanks #1 Japan Otaku Christophe for sending this along.



    1. Ah, finally! I’ve been trying to leave a comment here since you posted this, but my comment would never show up!

      I saw this movie a couple of years ago and loved it. Honestly, the ‘violent’ part barely factors at all. Most of the movie is about the relationship between the uptight Japanese man and free-spirited Thai woman, and how they grow. I thought it was really done well. ^^

  1. Oh, and just wondering, have you seen or are you planning to see Ooku? I’m assuming you’re aware of it, because it seems to have been promoted quite exuberantly, haha. I’m so looking forward to the beautiful male cast in hakama prostrating themselves before a female shogun, the kiss between Ninomiya Kazunari and young Nakamura Aoi, and general gorgeousness of the entire movie. ❀

      1. Yes, the lead actor Ninomiya is in Arashi (he has an onscreen kiss with another man in this… but public kisses/skinship with men are kind of Nino’s specialty, so it’s really nothing new to me ^^) . There is also another Johnny’s, Ohkura Tadayoshi of Kanjani8. But I’m also looking forward to the very sexy Tamaki Hiroshi and Sasaki Kuranosuke. All of these men are fantastic actors, in my opinion. The period costumes are so beautiful, I want to cry. Unfortunately for me, I’m not in Japan, so I’ll have to wait for the DVD. 😦 If you decide to see it, please tell me what you think!

      2. I think Kathryn’s already beaten me to the cinema. I am sure my Arashi fan readers will be all over this movie. Renge-kun, which country are you living in?

      3. I’m in the US… but once I graduate next year, I’ll be coming to Japan to do the eikaiwa thing.

        May I know how to do a guest post? I have a lotta links~ ^^

      4. Hi Renge-kun, Thank you for the wonderful offer. It’s super-easy to do a guest post here. Just send me an email with your story, and attach a few photos (i prefer 500 pixel width, but I can downsize them for you if you prefer). Please let me know how to identify you: screen name & website (optional). That’s it! I love that my readers are so knowledgeable and passionate, and I am eager to share their viewpoints. A memorable recent guest post was by Kathryn introducing Nakamura Shido.

  2. It is so worth seeing Ohoku. Awesome movie — although I did have a little nap in the middle because it got too dialoguey. Tamaki Hiroshi is insanely hot in it and his cheekbones pretty much steal the movie. But the costumes, settings etc are fantastic. I predict it’s going to be a hit with it’s overseas release because it’s the kind of movie that really appeals to ppl who like foreign film.

  3. Btw if you want to go see it, I’ll happily go again! I’m totally crushing on Tamaki Hiroshi atm. I also have a girl-crush on Maki-chan πŸ™‚

    I didn’t see any BL with Nino though. Just lots of other BL. Of course I did dooze off a little.

  4. I’m doing my “once in a month check people’s blog”, went through a bunch a your post. But this movie seems very nice, thanks for sharing. (and I do find Asano Tadanobu one of the very few sexy japanese men)

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