Fudanjuku, Rotten Cram School, promotes Kiddy Land

Have you ever heard of a boy idol group called Fudanjuku, or Rotten Cram School? Apparently they promote Kiddy Land, its Harajuku flagship and 44 directly owned shops and 33 franchised shops.

They were in the news because the Kiddy Land flagship is being remodeled and is temporarily relocated. I love how the Japan Times reports that the band’s “stated ages are 16 and 17.” That’s journalistic integrity. Oh, and they also are providing their advice to the shop manager and Kiddy Land’s president.


  1. They are cute even if they are “16 and 17”. :o)
    I love the hello kitty on the Kiddy land building. When I do get to go to Japan, I will be adding this place to my visit of places to visit!

  2. The jackets are so cute, I decided to watch one of their videos on youtube (Katsunda – I don’t mind saying it pretty catchy XD), and became convinced they are actually women, lol. Found this which explains all: http://mm-bbs.org/index.php?showtopic=2918 Not boys, but women in their 20’s. As I don’t really care to follow any female idol groups, I find this somehow simultaneously adorable and insipid.

    Ah well, it would be good if they can somehow help revive the store anyway~

    1. dammit, I knew it was too good to be true! The one in the green tie kind of gives it away.
      Still interested though.

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