Sakurai Sho shows off fall skirts, for men

This image of Sakurai Sho in a fall skirt is a palate cleanser after yesterday’s iccky story about frustrated Japanese heteros and the foreigners who can’t stop thinking about them.

Given the continued heat in Tokyo, it seems early to be thinking of wool, but that’s fashion and commerce I guess.

What do you think of skirts on men? This super-layered look makes Sho-san’s hips seem extremely wide and lady-like. Are the below the knee pants and tweed jacket supposed to add some masculinity to this look?

What do you think? Would you dress your man like this?


  1. *smile*
    As for the outfit, NO. Even without the skirt, the combination of the tweed jacket with those pants is bad. Also what’s sa-rong with that skirt (couldn’t resist) – it looks like a scarf wrapped around him with the fringe ends + those pockets don’t work at all.

    I have noticed Johnnys seem to do the look that’s halfway btw a shirt tied around the waist (like a flannelete/plaid shirt) and a skirt. I think that works better and I’ve started to notice a similar look on a few guys in Aus.

    Also, that jacket makes his neck look hefty!

  2. Oh, how did I miss these posts about Sakurai Sho? (I must admit, I’m quite the fan of Arashi, though I have to say that Ohno Satoshi is my favorite.) It’s interesting to see the variety of styles, depending on which magazine we’re looking at. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit quite like this on the pages of teen Johnny’s magazines like Wink Up and Myojo, haha~ This picture comes from the recent issue of Men’s Non-no, which, in my experience, seems to be quite fashion-forward. I suppose young grass-eating boys would like it and maybe actually wear it? Though I have more of an image of someone like Eita wearing a skirt like that; Sho can’t really pull it off, I don’t think~ (his hips -do- look big!)

    I am definitely not looking to date a man who wears a skirt… though an artsy boy I had a crush on in high school wore one to the homecoming dance~

    1. I like Ohno, too! I love how Japanese men can be super butch or trannie, without anyone questioning their sexuality. There’s a certain freedom to experiment that seems lacking in the US.

  3. Apparently he was seem in a gay bar in Shinjuku with Maki-chan and now there are rumours that they are couple… but no rumours of either of them maybe being gay!

      1. I half belive that they are actually bots – I don’t think it any human could do the amount of work they do.

        They actually did a lot of tv where they mixed with the general public up until recently but I think that would be impossible now. It’s very disappointing because it really was a lot more interesting than seeing them interview other celebrities.

      1. Basically fan club membership gives you the right to go in the ballot to buy concert tickets – so paying 7,000 yen instead of 70,000 or whatever the scalpers charge. For most Johnnys groups you are almost guaranteed tickets but with Arashi’s recent popularity, it’s not a certainty.

        You also have other benefits like being able to get tickets for studio audiences, stage plays and other things that are on. Also a newsletter.

        Also, each Johnnys’ group has their own fan club so if you join Arashi’s FC, you only get to buy Arashi tickets etc. Some of the less popular groups are lumped together.

        There are a lot of members but then I think people join too so they can buy tickets to make $ scalpting them.

      2. Thanks for the insight. I’ll bet you’re right that many “fans” are really scalpers. Do members get a chance to buy +1 tickets? If so, please take me!

  4. My man wears this look occasionally – it’s basically a scarf wrapped around the jeans. Love it, because it’s different and not many want to do it.

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