WTF: Police arrest naked man and woman “who ordered him to do it”

From the Japan Times:

Police turned over to prosecutors Wednesday their case against a 21-year-old man who walked naked on a street in Yokohama last month and a 22-year-old woman who ordered him to do so, alleging they committed acts of public indecency. . .

“This incident is unprecedented.” The officer said. “I cannot understand why the man slavishly does what he is told.”

No photograph?! I feel like we’re missing something visual and story-wise.


  1. This doesn’t surprise me that much…Recently,I was walking with a friend in Ni-chome,on the way to Gaytown…and past us went an old guys with attoos all over,wearing only a g-string and nipple claws ,tied and bound in ropes,and led by a woman all in black latex…and somehow it didn’t surprise me that much either…Getting too blase by people’s weirdness ??? (Ok…maybe I would have reacted more if it had been 2 muscled hunks !!!)

    1. What would be more awesome is if you, or I, had the power to make the muscled hunks parade through Shinjuku butt-naked. I think g-strings, while attention grabbing, are still probably legal attire.

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