Is Tumblr making it easier to collect and share ikemen images?

OMG, now I’ve discovered two more Tumblr blogs, presumably by white women who love young Asian guys. Probably connected to FuckYeahBlondKoreans.

FuckYeahIkemen: As their tag lines says, “You have to admit it, Asian men are gorgeous. Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, it doesn’t matter, we love them.” As long as they are young, often blond, and preferably shirtless seems like the unwritten extra criteria!

FuckYeahHirokiNarimiya: An attractive Japanese actor I’ve blogged about before. Widely rumored to be gay.


  1. Really? I had no idea Hiroki was rumoured to be gay. I have a love-hate thing going about him, I like his acting, but he keeps doing this horrid pout that makes him look like a duck. He was especially annoying in Honey and Clover. 😛

    1. But he was fantastic in the movie Lala People. That movie is a delirious romp in Tokyo’s seedy underbelly. I recommend the film and the book by Okuda Hideo.

    1. OMG. I love the tag line on your butler blog: “Male objectification at it’s finest. Butlers, tan bishonen, male moe, and yes, sometimes smut.” Who could ask for more?!

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