Arashi fans outside of Taikukan

This post is especially for Kathryn, my #1 reader and blog commenter.

I was innocently on my way to the Taikukan (体育館)public pool– a place as infamous for gays as the summer-only Shiba Koen pool— when I noticed dozens and dozens of young women holding up sad hand-written signs and fans with the unmistakable images of Arashi. Yes, Arashi was performing at the nearby 1964 Olympic stadium, Kokuritsu.

Apparently these girls were praying that some scalper would come by and sell them some tickets. Or maybe they just wanted to hang out with other fangirls and compare photo fans?

ps: I know that these boy bands attract female fans, but what about this image screams hetero to you?! I am not seeing “non-gay,” are you? ^^


  1. A lot of the fan girls go to the concert venue to buy merchandise if they can’t get tickets (or have tickets for another night). After seeing how the girls bling up the concert goods, I can understand wanting to buy it with plenty of lead time!

    When we went to the concert last year, the bridge from the subway station was filled with girls all teary-eyed wanting tickets. I felt really sorry for them until I realised that I’d managed to score tickets while living in Australia and with minimal Japanese skills – so they are pretty much just cheapskates or badly organised.

    “They aren’t gay; they’re idols”… someone said that to me once and I didn’t believe them but I am sufficiently brainwashed now to say the same thing to people. I also saw some photos of this weekend’s concert and thought.. OMG the Johhny’s costume designers aren’t going EXTREME enough. I think there is no hope for me!

    1. Kathryn, once again I am convinced you are THE queen of Arashi. Thanks for all the information! I love how your standards for your boys’ appearance are strict.

    1. Tasuki-san, the twisted thing is that these boys are in their late 20s, and the boy band celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. At first I thought this image was from their high school days. Then I realized that their stylist/publicist/manager simply made them look like jail-bait through make-up and airbrushing. I think the photo is from 2009, making this faux kiddie porn. I do love how completely non-masculine, vulnerable and perhaps “deflowered” they each appear in this image.

  2. Apparently the photos were styled by some guy who is a pretty big shot theatre set designer (or something like that… is that what’s it called in theatre).

    Thanks, but I doubt I am the queen of Arashi. I’ve joined some mixi communities that kinda scare me with their obsessiveness! Esp the ppl who spend all their time making Arashi dioramas… I thought they were cute school projects until I realised the creators were in their 20s and 30s!

  3. I met Ninomiya Kazunari at a Mcdonalds in Seijo about a year ago. Well, actually turned from the counter with my tray and bumped in to him. If that can be called “meeting.”

    Three high school girls were standing outside the restaurant, huddled and pointing at him.

    Alas, he is not my favorite Arashi boy – or I would have been more excited.

  4. fello lurker here
    I feel all johnnys are there are men and women, young and old. It is good to know we all have eye candy for life.
    ……. those arashi pics….. made a small “kya” escape these lips. damn it all !!! ummm but… uhh thanks for those 😛 as well as the rest of the posts


    1. M, thanks for your comment. What’s “kya”?! Glad you enjoy this blog. And I join with you in paying tribute to all the good work Mr Johnny has done in pleasing such a broad audience of men and women, young and old.

  5. Is anyone else watching Matsumoto Juns current j-drama called:
    Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku?

    He falls for a slightly older woman who is a single mom.

    Hm…cute j-boy, slightly older woman, she has a child and he is accepting of this? Wow! This is my perfect life fantasy!

  6. Lol.. I’ve been watching it. Didn’t like the first couple of episodes but it’s growing on me. I think the best older woman-younger man story atm is that apparently the actor (Shota??? – played the tea guy in Hana Yori Dango…) is going to be in the Softbank ads as the grandmother’s new bf!!! LOLZ.

    Sorry Jared, do you feel like your comments have been hijacked by cougars!

  7. Matsuda Shota!

    He is ultra cool! Speaks Japanese (of course!) Chinese and English.

    In the drama “Moon Lovers,” he likes Shinharo Ryoko’s character…cough…a woman older than himself…she is drunk and says to him “Oh, such smooth skin! And without foundation!”

    He, all indignant: “You may treat me like a child, but I am a grown man!”

    Yes, yes you are!

    1. Apryl, thanks for the fandom. He’s very good looking, and clearly cougar bait! But I don’t think either of us are as old as Softbank’s Ayako Wakao.

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