Tokyo Pride Parade: Saturday, August 14 at 10.30 am

Saturday, August 14 is the Tokyo Pride Parade. It starts at 10.30 am. There’s lots of info in Japanese, and some basic info in English. It’s shocking to read that they expect 5,000 participants in this megalopolis of 13 million (or 30 or 51 million, depending how you count the greater Tokyo region).

Are any of my readers planning to attend?

Bring sun block, water, and a hand towel. It’s going to be hot!


    1. Seriously!

      Most Japanese carry cloth or terry handkerchiefs (in addition to all the free paper kleenex passed out by the train stations). In summer time, some gatenkei construction workers wear white towels on their heads or around their necks. Head towels are also the uniforms of ramen workers. In whatever size or pattern, terry cloth is definitely helpful in muggy Japanese summers.

      I am curious if any of my other readers living in Japan rely as much on portable summer towels as I do?

      1. Oh thanks, I didn’t know that portable towels were so ubiquitous there during summer. I live in a year-round hot country (Malaysia) and you seldom (if never) see people wearing towels. People doing so actually have a lack of taste.
        Different countries, different customs! That is why I like Asia πŸ™‚

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