Samuel Steward’s Stud File

The husband was concerned that my pace of posting has slowed down recently, and he suggested linking to this book review of a new biography of Samuel Steward, mid-century English professor, novelist, and tattoo artist. Apparently Alfred Kinsey’s book inspired Steward to consider himself a “sexual researcher,” which led him to compile a “stud file” with 746 index cards documenting 50 years of sexual encounters.

The husband asks, “Why did he want to record those sexual encounters so meticulously?” Readers, do you (or someone you “know”) keep detailed records? Is this analagous to those bloggers who document every meal?


  1. I think ppl who go into that much detail, it’s a fetish isn’t it. The recording becomes more important than the actual sex. I lived next door to a girl who had a thing for black men and one day pulled out her photo albums (plural) to show us… let’s just say, there were no faces in the pics! Made me wonder what she said just before she whipped out the camera, but I guess guys are less concerned about that kind of thing than women!

  2. I just record the names. Not to boast, but rather to remember who to contact should any STD knock the door…

      1. Yes, usually I’ll always keep their number in my phonebook, even for ONS. Maybe it also helps not feel like a ONS machine…

  3. I think that many people use their blogs as “stud (or gal) files” to record their sexual encounters. It is odd to think that those blogs may survive their authors! Again, where is this desire to document coming from? Because those sexual encounters are so ephemeral?

  4. I tend to forget the details unless they’re groundbreaking, good or bad. But I like to write, and when I can’t write about anything else, gossiping about my sex life always comes as easily as breathing, so I get the satisfaction of typing fast and firing out sentences like I wish I could do with more serious projects.

    I think most the reason I write about my sex life on a blog is because I do think it’s important to keep notes on the things I do so I don’t end up having a nervous breakdown by the snows of Kilimanjaro when it’s all over — and somehow I would feel odd going on about my sex life in some private notebook no one ever looked at.

    1. Ijustawannadoit, thanks for your thoughtful comment. Your blog always inspires and amazes me. It’s the parts that I find most confusing that intrigue the most. For example, Bon Jovi can be considered hot? This never occurred to me, although the husband did point out that perhaps Bon Jovi is a white American version of the super-tranny gyaru-o that always distract and bewitch me. Perhaps Tokyo Moe is less a record of my sexual activity and more a listing and sharing of visual interests. Not sure if this makes sense, but I have appreciated the recording and the interaction with my readers. Thanks, ijustwannadoit for providing online company and sharing some aspects of our lives and the world around us.

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