Ryoma pushes apartments in Nakano

I had to laugh at this blatant copyright infringement by a local realtor who is using Fukuyama Masaharo’s NHK historical mega-drama Ryoma character to advertise apartments in Nakano. The incongruity of this late Edo character selling very ordinary apartments in the present time is funny. And it’s a rare instance of super-blatant copyright infringement.

Much of Japan is divided between love for its two main idols: Fukuyama versus Kimutaku. These two guys have dominated male stardom for over a decade. Personally I find Fukuyama more cheesie and less believable than the ever fashionable Kimutaka. On the other hand, the husband is completely engrossed by the Ryoma drama.

Do you have a preference between Fukuyama and Kimutaka? Other favorite male idols? Please feel feel to link to your favorite images, commercials, etc.


  1. Can I just back up a moment to ask — are those apartments for sale for that price? Is that really cheap or is my maths + understanding of Japanese money wonky? man = 10,000 yen, right?

    Idols — mmm, my love of Arashi has no rivals. I don’t really get Kimutaka. But lately, Korean actor Kang ji Hwan has been getting lots of attention in our house (http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Kang_Ji_Hwan).

    1. These are rental flats. Sorry for the confusion.

      Speaking of Korean idols, do you know the one who recently committed suicide? I forgot his name. Yesterday there was a memorial in Ginza attended by 14,000 sobbing ladies. He *was* super-gorgeous. Surely you must know the back story?!

  2. I heard about that. I don’t really know him, as in I havent’ watched any of his dramas. I kind of don’t want to now in case I start watching and really love them.

  3. Also, is that monthly rent? That’s really expensive then.

    I have dreams of becoming a Tokyo landlord so I can get key money off ppl = biggest scam ever. I have an investment property here and my mum rents it off me – I tried to charge her key money but she thought I was making it up.

  4. Can I tell you something? I think you are mentioning Park Yong Ha, who acted one of the lead characters in Winter Sonata. He was still 31.

    1. Yes, Bangin sensei. That’s him. I will post a photo-tribute tomorrow. Did you follow his career? Why did he kill himself? He was super-hot. Lots of Japanese ladies are mourning his death. Me, too!

  5. Hello! I saw the comments about the korean idols and I just had to ask if you’re familliar with korean boy band 2PM? They have a self-proclaimed “beastly” image and a tendency to rip off theie clothes X) I think you’d find them interesting πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Fluff. I am sure that the youngsters will *love* Korean boy band 2PM. A little too ‘barely legal’ for my ojisan tastes. Still, I am amazed at how Korea rivals Japan in the boy band business. I think K-pop should export some boys-love on stage antics to J-pop bands.

  6. He got a big reputation thanks to Winter Sonata, but meanwhile he didn’t do well in Korea. The songs he released, the drama he showed didn’t go well. Also, he was too tired to take care of his father who is almost dead.
    I prefer him than Yon-sama because he looks more gentle.

  7. Been a lurker for quite some time but as you’ve mentioned Japanese male idols I thought I’d give a few on the top of my list. πŸ˜€ Hope you don’t mind πŸ˜€

    There’s my current favorite, Nishikido Ryo [http://fuckyeahryo.tumblr.com]. He’s a gruff, pocket cutie with a wicked personality.

    There’s Tsumabuki Satoshi and Ikuta Toma (http://fuckyeahtoma.tumblr.com/), Yamashita Tomohisa (http://fuckyeahyamashitatomohisa.tumblr.com/) among others, as well as the ever popular Akanishi Jin.

    Japan’s got a lot of ’em and if I were to mention them all here I’m afraid I’d be flooding your site. XD

    1. Hi Ally, thanks for commenting. And thanks for the links. I am sure some of my younger readers will enjoy that crop of barely legal eye-candy. Under 30 is a bit young for this ojisan.

      1. Hey, enough of the barely legal… they are all mid to late 20s!!! What is the legal age in Japan?

        As for over 30s, I am really liking Nakamura Shido at the moment. I guess you can’t really class him as an idol though, more of a serious actor – he does kabuki πŸ™‚

      2. Haha, Kathryn. Thanks for your comment. And the delicious tip about Nakamura Shido– super hot. A good candidate for a post. Would you care to create a guest post with your favorite images?! I love how he’s a son of kabuki actor turned movie/TV actor. And he’s very hot in his late 30s.

        I didn’t mean the “barely legal” term as a legal or moral judgment. I am just not that attracted to the under 30 set. To each her own, I guess! There are many beautiful young men (over 18) on the street and in advertising/television/etc, so please enjoy your full!

        I am grateful that this silly blog attracts so many young readers!

  8. The national age of consent to amorous activiy in Japan is 13!

    That makes my mini-crush on Ryo Ishikawa, age 18, slightly less disturbing for me.

  9. And if the apartment comes with Fukayama – I would pay extra!

    Many women I meet seem to prefer him to Kimura…they feel Fukayama seems more compassionate, caring.

  10. Apryl, I would not advise my readers to follow your age of consent is 13 advice. From Wikipedia: “The national age of consent in Japan is 13 as specified by the Japanese Penal Code Articles 176 and 177.[18] However, prefectures can have ordinances that prohibit sexual activities with any minor under 18.”

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