Sexy Beijing features Mei Mei, Beijing’s mistress of cross-dressing

Sexy Beijing is a made-in-China Sex and the City with a more appealing SJP heroine. This episode Sufei interviews Mei Mei, Beijing’s mistress of cross-dressing to learn the art of femininity. I love how natural and compelling Sufei’s journalism is.


  1. A) this is so well produced and clever. The white girl totally comes off as endearing rather than supremely obnoxious

    B) Mei Mei has some mad swagger. did you see how she lit her cigg!?!?

    C) Your writing style is funny but subtle- i love it so much. If you were a boy group produced by johny we would be your fangirls.

    1. Thanks for the complement. And the Sexy Beijing series has been amazing, and long-lasting. So much better than the original!

      I like your blog, too! Especially the late nite movie you made. Where are you blogging from?

  2. I whoel heartedly agree! I love her “late 20’s, middle class upbringing, left wing, non orthodoz jew, levaing manhahtten for something more” vibe

    we are from Canada- vancouver

    SHow us some love 🙂

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