Cat rescue in Nakano Sun Mall

Walking in Nakano’s Sun Mall plaza recently, I saw everyone staring up at the ceiling of this 1970s commercial corridor. And then I saw the uniformed rescue workers. Following their gaze, I saw a white cat perched on the “catwalk” two floors above the ground. The husband had to explain to me that this is dangerous for the cat. Doesn’t it have 9 lives? I am not much of a cat-lover, but I do enjoy the chance to see so many concerned men.


      1. Ha, cats can look after themselves. They are built to climb trees and stuff. Worried men, on the other hand, need comfort šŸ™‚

  1. No, Kankuro. Good-looking firemen would climb up to rescue the cat. However, we just had a goose holocaust in a Brooklyn park in which 400 Canadian geese were rounded up and put in a gas chamber. And these geese were apparently not the migrating geese who get mixed up in airplanes but residents of the park. Even I , with my total lack of empathy for animals, was shocked.

    1. Yes, the geese slaughter at Prospect Park was reported in the New York Times. The stated reason was to protect the airports which are 6.5 miles away, although it is unclear whether these birds posed any threat. But Mads raises an interesting cross-cultural truth: why are firemen, unlike police men, so attractive regardless of country of employment?!

  2. You can’t go wrong with concerned men! I think some are a little too concerned though, what with their hard hats, goggles and headlights! I’d like to think “back home” cats would be rescued by hot buff men in t-shirts, sans the cave exploring gear.

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