Senior fashion in the park

In Tokyo, the seniors rock the fashion world in unexpected bursts of ostentation. I love how this grand daddy is mixing shorts and dark socks, white gloves and a dog in a sweater. I spotted him outside a public bathroom in one of my favorite urban parks. He seemed very popular with the ladies, and I am certain he is well known in these parts.


  1. Sweet outfit!!! Definitely looks like a romper… which I wouldn’t be surprised to see on a senior, in Japan.

    Seniors wear the best stuff. I coined a term for grandma fashion in Shikoku… ” Obaasan Chic”.

    More pics, please!!

  2. You know why old people have great style? It’s because they totally got the effortless cool aesthetic down to a T. Tres Chiq.

    He looks like he’s wearing Galiano. And i wonder what kind of life he lives?

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