Daisy duke-wearing, white muscle queen promotes smoking in Japan

This ad is wrong in so many ways. Why is muscle mary pushing tobacco? Why is he white? Why, oh why, is he wearing daisy dukes? In some of the ads they show him only from the shoulders up. The full view is filthy in every way! Thanks, Tokyo Matt, for submitting this image for the Tokyo Moe readers.



  1. hahaha, my husband and i are vacationing in tokyo right now, and we were just talking about this ad! its so insane! that, and the “watchdog detective agency” posters that are everywhere!

  2. I love your tags Tokyo Moe. My goal is to have posts tagged with “ass” “fishnet” “plastered” and “damaged” before the year is up. My posts have tags like “food” “stuff” and “cats”. Hmmm…

    And that is maybe my favorite ad ever.

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