Damaged hair piled high, on top of flouncy blouse

Tokyo Metro is so much more than a functional means to go from Point A to Point B. On “de-training,” I was briefly blinded by this fountain of damaged and teased (men’s) hair. It amazes me to think how much time he devotes to this personal sculpture, without a doubt to impress the ladies. When I recovered, and stepped back, I was equally impressed with his incredibly girlie, flouncy blouse.


    1. Thanks, Apryl. That website is hilarious and educational. I am more interested in the players’ looks and outfits than the “game.” I love your site review!

  1. I think someone needs a conditioning treatment!

    Have you heard Ai Haruna is running the marathon for 24 hour tv? They call it a marathon but I think it’s actually 100 kms!!!!

  2. Last year it was Imoto that ran…for 24 hours…

    Hmmm…and did you know that Ai Haruna is involved romantically with a woman? This I think is funny cause it means she was a “lesbian trapped in a mans body” before surgery! Kawaii! More proof that gender identity and romantic preference are not tied together

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