It’s not OK to wear slippers outdoors

OK. I said it. I try to be open-minded about fashion, but sometimes I just have to say “no!”

Walking towards an appointment at a university in Yotsuya, I noticed that this young guy was wearing a new fashion: an informal shirt with a plaid tie. The new part was that the tie material exactly matched a small detail at the bottom of the shirt’s seam. Way to retail matching parts and look put together even if the shirt is not conventionally associated with ties.

What deeply offended me is that this young guy was wearing slippers. Yuck! Walking through Tokyo in bedroom slippers is unsanitary, unpolished, and unacceptable. These soft slippers are bad, but not as bad as the other university I often visit where students (and some faculty) wear those horrid plastic slippers that are best relegated to “bathroom slipper status.” I think those wearing them consider them comfortable, but I just see them as the nastiest excuse for footwear on earth. I’d rather go barefoot!

I hope that this public fashion photo satisfies some of the readers who offered such lovely congratulations recently. I am sorry if not all street fashion is Tokyo Moe approved. Just noted and dispersed.


  1. This offends every fibre of my being. It’s bad enough dealing with men who shuffle around the office in these (and their hick plastic cousins) but to see them in broad daylight? I need my sunglasses.

  2. Are these the same slippers he wears indoors… that is what I want to know.

    But then all the girls wear ugg boots (or used to) and they are basically slippers.

  3. i loved the summer (2000?) when young new york professionals wore business attire with flip-flops. the commingling of filth at the feet and crisp banana republic tailoring was echt silicon alley.
    now i suppose something sartorial involving those wholesome self-propelled two-wheelies prevails. i can only imagine.

  4. I LIKE slippers in the office; cause the feets got ta be comfortable! And it makes me feel like I am working from home – even though I am not.

    But the just do not provide the walking support or durability for the street! Maybe running down from the “mansion” to the soda vending machine, but that is it!

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