Breaking news: Sex and the City stars arrive in Tokyo

All four stars of Sex & the City II have arrived in Tokyo for the premiere tomorrow. Love how they are decked out! And love how they are recognizing the importance of fashion-obsessed Japanese as their fan base.

Note: I’ll be attending the movie without the husband, who seems confused about the point of the movie. It’s about friendship, looking good, and ladies! Plus there are Arabs! I hope the sister-in-law can come with me!


  1. Come on! :-))

    Not only are they so fake, full of collagen, but their outfits are so 80’s! I never understood the buzz about that first movie which basically conveyed conservative values.

  2. I don’t really understand it either. I think I watched it once at a friend’s house and was like – I don’t get this.

    My sister and I had a girl in Japan tell us we looked like we were from SATC – the movie. She was very emphatic about the “movie” part. I’m not sure if there was any particular difference btw that and the tv series but I assumed it was a compliment.

  3. omg, this film has been so divisive among some of my friends — mostly straight men and women who seem not to grok the utter kitsch and camp and delight that is satc. i’ve been surprised that so many people waste time dissing the movie and characters and actresses. i think they’re all just great. it’s playing at the castro theatre for 2 weeks and that seems to offend a lot of (mostly str8) people here.

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