Is Hatoyama now Hillary’s bitch?

After a campaign promising an “equal relationship” with the US and then nearly a year of delays, Japan’s prime minister Hatoyama announced he will now adhere to an old agreement to relocate the US Marine base within Okinawa. There’s a lot of excuses about the dangers of North Korea, but in the end, it seems clear that Hatoyama is simply Hilary’s bitch.

The husband thinks this expression “Hillary’s bitch” is too redolent of prison sex. But I am just calling it like I see it. Poor occupied Japan and its spineless leaders. At least it’s nice to think that the tyrant top is mistress Hillary.


  1. I was just in Okinawa for the first time and was truly shocked at how much of the island is dominated by U.S. bases! Boo! That whole part of the island is a weird Japanese-American fusion that I found unsettling. Sometimes it was very easy to forget you were even in Japan. Nearly every store and restaurant accepts U.S. dollars and I didn’t met a single local who didn’t speak English.

    1. I am amazed at how few Americans know the extent to which we are occupying Japan. Or that many Japanese resent it. But did you try “taco rice,” the combo of Tex-Mex and Japanese food that is an Okinawa classic?

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