Hot Guys Reading Books

Wow! Thanks to tipster J-son, I can share with my dear readers a new-to-me blog called Hot Guys Reading Books. To quote from the blogs mission statement, “There are plenty of attractive men in the world, but unfortunately few of them that are avid readers. Welcome to “Hot Guys Reading Books” the blog that scours the internet for examples of luscious literary men and gathers the evidence in one place.”

This is a peculiar moe that even my husband will love. I like how some of the men in the photos are photographed in public, others in more private settings. Yet all become public through this online collection. And I love the non-snarky tone, and the request to blog readers that if they don’t find the guys hot enough, they should send in their own photos. Ahhhhh, the useless pleasures of the interwebs. . .


    1. Of course, you’d ask that. At least they’re reading something.^^ You’ll have to submit your own photos of “hot guys reading books” and provide a caption explaining author & title.

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