Condom machine: latest technology in disappearing POS

The husband told me that condom vending machines used to be everywhere in Tokyo. This bit of antiquated technology, designed to eliminate any shame around condom purchasing, boasts the latest in Japanese technology: .02 millimeter thinness. I love how the machine is in a totally residential neighborhood, and hope it gets lots of loving use!


  1. how many condoms do you get for your 500 yen? 2? If it is only one…I’d have to think long and hard about whether I really want to romp with possible partner…is he 500 yen worthy?

  2. okay so 500 yen is around $5 bucks? I don’t see a slot that takes paper money so you must have to use sen (isn’t that what they call their coins?) if they cost 500 yen for one..or a few. who carries that much change around? I lose all mine the minute I step out the door D: . I guess I’d be better off buying at a drug store and taking the dreadful walk of shame to the check-out counter.

  3. psshhh…if you can FIND condoms! I have found them in odd places in the Japanese convenience stores…usually either near the stationary. Or next to band-aids. Well, I guess condoms are useful for communication AND first-aid!

  4. these condom vending machines are exactly what’s needed in India where people are so afraid to and embarrassed to talk about sex let alone let anyone know they’re sexually active(by purchasing condoms at a store). lol..that way, AIDS could be controlled & the number of women getting raped by sexually frustrated strangers reduced.

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