Please name this celebrity!

Ok, fan girls. Please help me out. Who is this barely legal looking actor/model/singer who’s hawking Panasonic’s technology wonder of a wet-and-dry electric razor? I figure one of my readers will surely know.

I love how lurid the campaign is: the image is saturated with water drops, his hair damp and immaculate, his skin eerily unmarked by age or imperfection. But mostly I love how he welcomes our attention. Perhaps he needs it ^^

ps: There’s also a video version of this ad in the Tokyo Metro. I hope no one gets so distracted they fall into the tracks. . .


  1. He’s called Kamenashi Kazya and is a member of the johnny’s group KAT-TUN. I think he’s actually around 25 or something. Hope this helps!

      1. Nah, i’m a kat-tun fangirl, but Kamenashi is not my favourite πŸ˜‰ I totally agree though, that ad could cause traffic accidents haha

        By the way, as a first time commenter I must say that I follow your blog and I think it is fabulous:) keep up the good work :> ~~~

  2. Kamenashi Kazuya – from band called Kat-tun. Fortunatrly for all of our lurid fantasies, he is 25. So well above the legal age of consent…You can see him in the drama from last year “Mr. Brain” or one from this year called “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.” He actually MIGHT need attention…Kat-tun is not as popular as they used to be!

    1. Apryl, you are a scholar of j-drama. How do you keep up with them all? I’ll bet they are helping you learn Japanese. Do you watch them with subtitles online, or just tough it out in Japanese?

  3. ps: I do see the video while riding the train – fortunately while INSIDE the car, so I have yet to fall on the tracks while not paying attention…

  4. Ha Apryl beat me too it. Also, I heard on the rumour mill, one of the other members of KAT-TUN, Akanishi Jin, might be making an appearance in the next Pirates of the Carribean movie!

  5. Ah, POTC Stranger Tides! Apparently in the book, there is a band of Japanese pirates! And Ken Watanabe may be in it as well. Hm…Johnny Depp AND Akanashi Jin AND Ken Watanabe…same movie…sugoi!

  6. I have to watch j-doramas with subtitles on! My Japanese is minimal at best. A guy I see tells me upon ocassion I really need to learn – but thast is isually when we are drunk and need a taxi to get home…in which case, I remind him that is what he is for.

  7. Ha, I usually speak better Japanese when drunk… well I think I do and that’s the main thing, right.

    Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is freaken awesome. My favourite Kame drama though is Nobuta no Produce (with Yamapi and Maki-chan who is one of the few Japanese actresses I can tolerate).

    One Pound Gospel is also pretty awesome.

  8. I’ve been finding these ads so funny and interesting. Where we come from, men’s electric razor commercials call for a bit of butch. When has Kamenashi ever in his life looked like he needed a razor?

    1. Hah, that was my first thought when I saw this campaign. I’m pretty sure weekly Nair facials are part of his Johnny’s contract.

      1. Ouch! Durf, I’ll bet you’re right about the Johnny contract. Again, I don’t think the ad is about function as much as sex appeal. The idea is to confuse the observer so much that they buy without considering need. Johnny is a genius, and his stable of boys truly a gold mine.

    2. haha…he did have facial hair…
      but believe me, he is better off without it…
      facial hair looks weird on him since he have such a feminine look…

  9. he’s pretty cute but i like hidetoshi nakata more!!! too hawt!!! do u see him on billboards in tokyo? esp now that he’s featured on the CK campaign.

  10. the funny thing is that the catalog for this product is reprinted since all the fangirls were taking like 3 to 5 copies of the catalog…
    i can never see the appealing side of him that makes all the fangirls crazy…
    i mean look at this picture:
    they even peek at the unopened curtain just to peek at his picture..
    and i think i’ve seen a picture of people crowding in front of that building just to take pictures of the ad

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