Japanese construction workers are best dressed!

There should be a global competition for construction worker fashion, and Japanese would definitely score gold. From the Yoji Yamamoto wide pants to the ever present small towels to the super plucked eyebrows, Japanese construction workers are always riveting. Plus, what’s with workers wearing white rubber boots?! I find that *very* hot.

All images from a website where you can order these fashions, called Tobi.jp.


  1. I love the towel tied around the head look. It’s hot 😀 I think there is a name for it?

    Also workmen know the best places to eat 😀

  2. hey jared..pleze do some posts on hidetoshi nakata, the insanely hot japanese soccer player(well..he doesn’t play anymore..he retired)…i’m guessing he’s famous in Japan so u guys prolly get to see him a lot on tv (am i right?)…fell in love with him ever since i discovered him in the new calvin klein underwear campaign.

    1. Yes! Nakata Hidetoshi is super-hot. I have posted about him before. Did you see this?

      The Calvin commercial is here.

      Ariana, if you see anything hot online featuring Nakata-san, please post the link ^^

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