Exhaustive history of Asian men dating x-cross race lines

Hilarious 50 part series looking at Asian men throughout history who marrying, dating and sleeping with ladies of different races (plus Lieutenant Sulu’s husband). I thought this fetishization of Asian men would find a welcome audience among my readers. (Via Ask A Korean).

Complex.com’s introduction is hilarious, and there are many many examples of mostly movie stars and their fictional and real loves.

It’s no secret that everybody lusts after Asian women—just visit the streets of any major city, or Nic Cage’s crib, or this very web site (here, here, or here, for starters). So yellow fever is nothing new, but the miscegenasian has historically been one-sided: non-Asian men looking to fulfill their fetishes of submissive, exotic geisha-types. Get in where you fit in, fetishizers—but whither the Asian man? Unfortunately, the only sexual stereotype of our yellow brethren is decidedly negative (word to Ken Jeong’s nude scene in The Hangover), and there are only a handful (pause) of famous Asian men in America that might turn slant-eyeds from zeroes to heroes.

But things, they might be a-changin’. When Pepa chose Tom Lo to be her man in her VH1 series, it was one small, chocolatey step for Lo, but possibly a giant step for Asian mankind. Here, then, is our gallery of Asian men who’ve gotten love outside of their race in real life as well as movies and TV. You know, they’re all pink inside, folks…


  1. White men, so threatened by Asian guys I think. If they didn’t pull out the small dick stereotype (no pun intended…lol) then they’d have nothing!

  2. Well, this post is REALLY old, but I was browsing through your site and felt like commenting on this one. Apparently, the number of Japanese men marrying foreigners exceeds the number of Japanese women marrying foreigners, or at least it did ten years ago. Not sure what the stats are now. Anyway, it seems like there are plenty of gaijin wives in Japan.

    I think one reason it’s much more common to hear about white guys moving to Japan and getting married is because they are more likely to blog about it or find some other way of making their presence known.

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