40% of BBS 2ch otaku have never dated the opposite sex

Sad, unbelievable, or just funny?! cnnGo’s David Marx relays two recent polls about (heterosexual) dating in Japan. According to a Livedoor article, an online poll found that 28% of men are able to experience a first kiss on the third date. But according to a poll on BBS 2ch, almost 40% of respondents have “never dated or kissed the opposite sex.”

Marx of course talks about the somewhat specialized otaku nature of Japan’s number one most popular online website. Yet while he bemoans this sad state of affairs, left unasked is how many otaku have dated and kissed the same sex. cnnGo, you’ve dropped the ball!


  1. Well, in fact, I know a lot of otaku gays.

    People often assume that everybody is heterosexual, or sexuality is a clear-cut matter.

  2. Yikes! I guess you’re right. But even if your pillow has an anime girl image, I don’t think men-loving-girl-pillows fit within the traditional definition of hetero. What do you say?

  3. Well I guess it’d make dating a real issue. When you go out for dinner, do you make a reservation for two? And what if your wife keeps slumping onto the floor!

    Definitely not traditional.

    1. I know about French gendered words (also Spanish and Portuguese). But does that mean that man + pillow love is same sex? Or do the French not consider gender to confer sexual identity?

  4. I also noticed that the article doesn’t mention age. It’s less sad if it’s a bunch of 19 year olds than if it’s largely thirtysomethings.

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