1. OMG! I was in Ometesando yesterday and saw a man in even tighter jeans – he was bone thin, painted on jeans, and some platform sandals…nice face and hair – but the painful skinniness and jeans made even I, who think most Asian guys have some hotness, was turned off.

  2. love the shoes!!!!and scarf..and he definitely can get away with wearing those jeans..he has the body for it.

  3. Apryl: I agree. Too thin is off-putting. You want some meat to grab ahold of, no?

    12345: Funny that your shoe evaluation is so different from Kathryn’s. I like his hair and glasses, too!

    Kathryn: Don’t you think velcro is practical for Japan? Makes getting them on and off so easy!

  4. *LOL* Sometimes the fountain of hair takes the place of “meat!” But I definitely do not want to count the bones of the legs and feet!

  5. actually, i’ve seen skinnier…
    my friend, he is so skinny he has to wear the TIGHTESET skinny jean in the GIRL’S section
    since girl skinny jeans are tighter than guys’

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