Donki is the place for fetish

I just learned today that each Donki carries different merchandise. The one near Kabukicho seems heavily into fetishes. I love the many female fetish outfits: school girl (many uniform types), ball gown, maid, nurse, police woman. (For those outside Japan, Donki is the abbreviation for Don Quixote, a chain of low priced merchandise packed so densely it’s hard not to imagine the imminent fire hazard of even a short visit). It’s like the poor man’s Isetan or Takashimaya for teens.

The store makes you feel filthy for just looking. And below, a men’s thong with an extremely inappropriate name that does not match the visual. WTF?


  1. I love Donki. It’s made of awesome. I love how they have vibrators just casually displayed amongst the other small electronics like toasters and kettles.

    I wonder if there is some kind of stigma with wearing a Donki maid costume though. I mean there are some serious maids around Tokyo so they’d spot the cheap version a mile away.

  2. O.O Wow! hahaha

    We have some densely-packed stores too but not with filty things (or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough ;P).

    πŸ˜€ How much in USD is 3980 Yen?

    1. About $43. The funny thing is that Donki is everywhere, and, as Kathryn points out, they go from toasters to vibrators. It’s like the inverse world of a fancy department store: young customers, cheap merchandise (though not always inexpensive), and overflowing with stuff and narrow aisles.

  3. I keep meaning to go back and find out because the selection is huge. And I’ve never seen the dirty sections of any other Donki so packed with men.

  4. Also, is there a difference in the pricing between stores? I went to Osaka Donki and it seemed to be cheaper than shinjuku???

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