Tattoo heaven!

This image of Shuntsuke was taken by the Tokyo photographer Max Hodges. Max, where did you find this guy? The combination of *huge* hair, exquisite tattoo, and his gaze directly into the camera are swoon-irresistible. Max, please ask Shuntsuke to also pose for a back and butt tattoo photograph!

People outside Japan may not be aware that all tattooing is associated with yakuza, and is highly stigmatized. The combination of fine art, naked skin and prohibition make it all the hotter! Fortunately, there are a few public gyms and sentos where tattoos are allowed. No surprise that these places are also heavily gay.

Max, you can make a fortune selling images of Japanese men’s tattoos. I volunteer to help!


  1. Thanks for the link!

    >Max, you can make a fortune selling images of Japanese men’s tattoos.


    I picked him up at a neighborhood tattoo shop. I made friend with the owners and occasionally scout interesting looking people there.

    1. Next time you are picking up hot guys at the tattoo shop, please take me! I also volunteer to be the art director for your Japanese men’s tattoo book that mixes fascination with yakuza and obsession over Boys Love. Something like Tokyo Big Hair Vice! We can blur the line between soft core and hard core, satisfying multiple fantasies, and unlocking a vault of spare change.

  2. Thanks, now I need to schedule more time in the chair!

    Plain, traditional style but a nicely done sleeve. With his hair, piercing and face, its nice to see an attractive modified Japanese guy.
    I’m always bummed that my Japanese friends with tattoos cover them up. Thanks for posting this. You should definitely seek out more good tattoo content.

    1. Rob, thank you for your comment. Will you send pix of your tattoos? Are they Japan-inspired?

      I am urging my pal Max to take more photos of attractive Japanese guys, modified or pre-modified. I love that strange adjective!

  3. Thank you tokyo moe! I’m hypnotised by this picture, this guy embodies my ideal masculine beauty. One seriously sexy man!

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