1. Here in TW, I haven’t noticed such a trend, but I’m gonna look a little closer now. LOL I did see a mother and daughter with the same exact outfit (and the daughter was like 6).

    I’ve seen some guys with girlier bags than their girl friends, but that’s about it.

  2. hmm..i live in vancouver, canada. I haven’t noticed any such “pair look” thing happening here. Having said that, i do have a friend from Seoul who loves matching her outfits with her Canadian boyfriend(who’s half Japanese and half Irish). Apparently, her boyfriend didn’t take too well with it in the beginning but i guess is sort of used to it by now. But it’s not like they completely match everything they wear. Instead, she’ll wear a blue top and make him wear a blue jacket which is way subtle than Justin and Britney circa 2001. LOL.

  3. Couples don’t in France lest they want to be jeered until they fade back into the wallpaper, and you’d probably get mixed reactions (mostly of ridicule) in the UK (maybe the Beckham effect, you know, love them or hate them); however, since I’ve been living in Japan, Flo and I coordinate unwittingly all the time. I kind of love it now. If he wears black and white brogues, he asks me to wear my high-heeled version. I don’t give in (!) but I find that sort of confidence strangely… hot… if heels are involved that is. šŸ™‚

    1. I would love to see the pair look in shoes! Flo sounds like a lot of fun. The only thing better than hetero pair look is the mother-daughter pair look. I’ve seen that in rural Amerika as well as Japan: always deranged and inappropriate. Makes me wish I had a daughter, or at least a stand-in (^_-)

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