White pointy boots

My eyes are always riveted in the wrong direction. We were at Jindaiji Temple for Girl’s Day, and there was a beautiful temple with monk musicians and chanting, thousands of daruma good luck dolls for sale (plus a return bin for those whose wishes had come true), a variety of snacks served by yakuza, and on-and-on.

I simply could not get enough of these boots. It combines two impractical elements: pointy form and white color– into one splendor of male vanity. Could I squeeze my fat feet into such gorgeous vessels? Would I need to buy a larger man bag to pull of the look?


  1. Do Japanese men buy their shoes way too big or do they just have abnormally long feet? I’ve spent way too long wondering about that.

    1. Great question, Kathryn. And not Japan specific. I recently realized how these pointy shoes operate. The foot is normal sized, and the shoe just keeps going. I guess the pointy-ness keeps the foot from sliding forward somewhat. Comfortable? No! Fashionable? Yes!!

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