Red hair in futuristic factory tour

Because I was invited, I found myself in a Suntory beer factory tour. Of course, moe follows me throughout Tokyo. One of the tour mates had the most luminous red hair, piled thickly, widely, and just plain big-ly. I guess I was supposed to be watching the video, where the guy in the fancy hat explains just how Suntory makes such delicious beer. But in fact, I could not take my eyes off this hair-do, whose glory was magnified by the strange lighting.

One comment

  1. I completely and totally admire your moe-magnitism and more still your ability to document it shamelessly.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen some stuff I’d like to blog about, but I don’t have the guts to take pics… (There were some male-hair dos you need to see and I still couldn’t muster the guts to take them…)

    In the beg of my time in TW, I shamelessly took whatever picture, but I’ve gotten a lot shyer, which sucks cause when am I ever gonna get the opportunity to asian-male-vanity-watch?!

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