Month: February 2010

Boys in training

At a Tokyo university that shall not be named, I was startled by, and drawn to, loud male shouting. Imagine my glee at discovering these college students simultaneously pushing each other into stretching poses and shouting at full volume. I have no idea what they were saying, but the camaraderie and aggression made a sublime pairing. Later, I spotted them running around the campus carrying 2 liter plastic bottles full of water. Their faces mixed determination with exhaustion. This was *very* moe.


Who’s your favorite Olympic athlete?

Who’s your favorite Olympic athlete? In terms of sexyness, Apolo Anton Ohno is one of my favorites. Shouldn’t nude posing be compulsory? I, of course, loved the theatricality of the opening ceremonies (costumes, sets, so many white peeps).

And now I am looking forward to tight lycra, sequins, and the outre fashions of Japanese bad boy athletes. Yes, that’s you, snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo, barred from the opening ceremony because you’re too cool for skool!

Rental boyfriend for lunar new year

Awww, isn’t that romantic? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the NY Times reports that young Chinese ladies are renting “boyfriends” to bring home for lunar new year. What greater expression of filial love than parading a fake boyfriend. And some boys apparently can’t resist free train tickets, meals and cigarettes. Nice!

Illustrator fixated on Japanese men’s hair

I was delighted that Japan-based illustrator Josh McKible shares my interest in Japanese men’s hair, and will be displaying his illustrations on my favorite new online magazine, Snow. In addition to the beautiful art, McKible references trendy hair salons and advice on face shapes and styling tips.

For Style #362 above, a Medium Wolf, here are the details: “Suitable for triangle, oval and square face types. A hard wax is recommended.”