Boots in

A new male youth fashion is called “boots in.” It involves super skinny pants, often jeans but not always, tucked inside mid-calf boots. This guy’s shoes are not as impressive as his overall pose. But it gives you the idea.

Shouldn’t it be called “pants in” instead of “boots in”? Oh well, Japanese English is always unpredictable.


    1. No?! I like your analogy, but really this tight pants tucked into boots is everywhere in Tokyo. Do you always hate it, or just when the boot bucket is so ugly like this one?

      1. oh no i’m totally down with pants in boots, but the stack’s gotta be just right, and this is a brutal mismatch.

      2. The boots are ugly, but I am impressed by the articulation of the back of his lower legs, and the overall fit of the pants. OK, I guess I am a fashion stalker pervert.

  1. Have you ever watched Himitsu no Arashi-chan? They do the most awesome segment called Mannequin Five where chicks (who I think are well known fashion ppl) have to pick which member of Arashi they’d buy based on their clothing choices. Folk are very divided on the boots in issue.

  2. Kathryn, that sounds hilarious. How do you see that Arashi program in Australia? Is there a link you can share? This “boots in” is almost mandatory for those under 30, although perhaps inappropriate for the middle aged ojisans.

    BTW, which is your favorite Arashi, and what do *you* think about boots in?

    1. We download it via livejournal. Most of the communities that upload Japanese stuff are friends only. I think because otherwise they get removed (Japanese stuff esp with Johnnys gets removed from places like Youtube very quickly!)

      It is pretty damn hilarious and easy to watch in Japanese without subtitles.

      It’s pretty easy to watch Japanese stuff here. I also have keyhole tv which is a program that lets you watch Japanese tv streamed live. Australian tv is crap and I never watch it.

      My fave in Arashi is Sakurai. I think the boots in is good when it’s done right. I can’t imagine any Australian guys ever doing that look and if they did, they’d look ridiculous.

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