Fan girl of the week!

prispss is my fan girl of the week! You can follow her blog or Twitter stream. She’s a young Brazilian girl who’s into Latin (the language) and Japanese boy bands. I discovered her when she Tweeted about our shared interest in police uniforms.

I am sure there are some good men in uniform in Brazil, too. prispss, if you are reading this, please link or send me some local police fetish images. Thanks!

Also, I love her blog title: “I love you like a fat kids loves cake.”

One comment

  1. OMG! I feel so important right now ~
    No, acttualy I’m kind of embarassed ^.^ Never gained this kind of attention before ~ don’t know what to do. :O

    Well, I DO like police uniforms and for now on I’ll try to take some pictures of brazilian policemen for you ^.^y

    And my blog title, if you were wondering I took it from a message Nihsikido Ryo wrote to the fans in the latest Kanjani8 concert that was held in Kyocera Dome in Osaka on the New Year. Kanjani8 is my favorite boyband in Japan and altought they started really small and only in kansai area, they are now getting a lot of attention in the rest of Japan ♥

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