Sho shows (almost) all on an・an

Arashi’s Sakurai Sho bares (almost) all in anan magazine’s special “male body” issue. Sho is one of the most popular members of the Johnny’s boy band Arashi, a Keio graduate from a wealthy family, and now a night-time newscaster on Zero presenting serious news, including the current state and history of Japan-US relations. The husband thinks Sho aspires to become Prime Minister one day, which would be a great triumph for the boy band creator Johnny.

anan is a young Japanese woman’s version of Cosmo. The magazine focuses on sexuality, appearance, polls, and men, men, men. This must be one of their sluttiest issues ever. There are taxonomies of the 8 male body types portrayed by comics and tarentos (all variations of skinny and boyish, except the normal sized “Big Boy” and the one fatty), photos of athletes and professional wrestlers, and a pictorial about how you might imagine young men at work without their clothes.

Dear readers, do you think Sho showing his skin will help or hinder his political aspirations? And, before I get any complaints, despite the fact that Sho is made up, waxed, and air-brushed to look barely legal (or younger), he is in fact 27 years old. I think he looks a bit like a Ken doll, plastic and a bit sexless.

What do you say? Should I post more images from this pictorial?


  1. As much as I love Sakurai, I don’t like this photo shoot. I think it’s bland and uncreative.

    They have pretty much obliterated the best thing about his personality – that he can be a serious newscaster and then half hour later be in a variety show wearing a nipple tee-shirt with a stocking over his head. That mix of smart and dorky.

    There was a photo shoot for the Arashi calendar this year (last year?) where he’s posing as a stripper/pole dancer. Much more interesting as captures that tongue in cheek fun image.

    I’ve also thought he’s going to end up as PM. Considering the current PM’s wife’s views on alien abduction etc, I don’t think a semi-naked photo shoot is going to be an obstacle.

    1. Kathryn, you are a close observer! Thanks for your comments. I agree that the photos lack sex appeal and personality. Maybe he’s saving that for when he’s PM. I hope so!

  2. ^^ This was a perfect end for a great day ! I haven’t seen the photoshoot (HINTHINTNUDGENUDGE) but I have a feeling Sho being almost naked is good enough for me.

    Do you read this magazine often? Or did you find this on a whim?

    1. I am not a regular reader, but I am aware of how semi-pornographic it is. Husband wanted to buy it for me, but was too embarrassed. Good thing I have none of those feelings!

  3. Close observer… that’s one to put it!

    I want to see the photos of the comedians. I’ve not seen the other photos.

    I read a funny article where one of the comedians featured wanted to buy the mag but didn’t want the girl in the shop to think he was gay (buying a magazine of naked men) so he wandered around the shop and bought some other magazines with Arashi in them so she’d think he was an Arashi fan instead!!!

    Btw Sho is 28 not 27.

  4. i liked the yamapi shoot better… despite the fact that he posed with a random gaijin girl

    hmmm.. sho… he irritates me, but he is very very pretty.

    i am an aiba fan – a fact that makes all my japanese friends laugh – so maybe i am not the best judge :p

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