1. I know! I absolutely love her!!!

    She’s just a big freaky chick who does whatever she wants. I feel as if she is an idol that has sprung from nowhere to be the leader of my generation! Maybe that’s too much, but I really feel this from her.

    I didn’t know who she was till the end of my senior year (around May-June 09). T.T I’m not intuned at ALL to American pop culture but she kept playing at all the parties I went to and my really awesome art-student, pink-haired, hipster friend introduced me to her as we did facials together. Good times!

    I will forever attribute these memories to Gaga!

    1. It’s great to see such a cool young singer, with amazing fashion, videos and a message that is very much about self-expression and self-identity. Marius, your punk facials with the LG soundtrack sound fun!

  2. Not really a fan of Gaga…i prefer Madonna over her anyday..when r u gonna put up the Coming of Age day pictures??? feels like i’ve been waiting forever..love u’r blog btw. was introduced to it by Julie(love her blog as well). WOO HOO for bloggers!!!!!!!!

    1. Blackino, thank you for visiting and commenting. Sorry to disappoint you, but on Coming of Age Day this year I only saw young women. Since that is not the focus of my blog, and it’s easy to find those photos online, I did not take any photos of them.

      I did come across a cool mochi omatsuri at the Nakano JR station that day, and I’ll blog about that soon.

      If you come across any cool images of male fashion, please post links in the comments! Thanks again.

  3. GOD how could anyone deny Gaga after watching this video, right? I’ve been watching it at least twice a day for the last three weeks, I have a problem!

  4. The video is amazing. The song is great alone, too. Pinpointing exactly what makes it addictive is impossible but I’m not loosing any sleep over it.

    For some reason I always end up listening to it, whether its watching the video when I should be writing at school, lifting weights (I wonder what all the other guys at the gym would think?), and in countless other instances.

    Beth, you’d be a soulless fool to deny Gaga.

  5. On Seijin no hi, one of my friends (a hairdresser)invited me to his hair salon to see a boy (uhh wait, not boy! Make that a freshly turned 20 man! ) get his hair done for the day. I took pictures at various stages of it. I’ll upload them later, so look for that.

    Male vanity, yay!


  6. Unhh, Julie! Next time you are planning to slowly study male vanity, particularly at a hair salon or special occasion, please please bring me! I can’t wait to see your pix!

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