Random men in Shibuya

In keeping with the moe theme of this blog, I would like to end this year with a completely shamelessly, inappropriate and vulgar medley of random Shibuya men. With 10 minutes to spare for a business meeting at Hachiko, I turned my new Canon S90 on the crowd.

The photo above is perhaps the best: the central subject fetishized, the public zipping by, and one woman in the background smiling knowingly towards the lens.

If you asked me what is my favorite Japanese uniform, I would say the mask: ubiquitous, a sign of danger inbound or outbound, of dubious functionality, and quintessentially Japanese. Above this boy rocks his mask with ipod, shaggy orange perm, and the skinny pants tucked inside some girlish boots. I am slayed.

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I was aiming my camera at the lady on the right’s gorgeous mane of hair. Somehow, with fast-moving crowds and slow shutter, the photo focused on the guy in the middle. The shaved head guy below is very handsome, and his smirk seems to reflect his self-knowledge.

I wonder what this older man is taking photos of? Am I not the only one captivated by male fashion? I love how he’s handing out the door of a historic train that does not move. I inadvertently captured a perm disaster in the foreground. In Shibuya, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Finally, in addition to all the “real” men, Shibuya is full of seductive advertising. On two sides of the plaza were images of male butch and femme. Each captivating, if a bit extreme.

Happy new year! And a better, brighter new decade.


  1. What is that train at Shibuya? I’ve wondered about it but never bothered to find out.

    I love the perm disaster.

    Is the last picture of Yamada from Hey Say Jump? I’d think he was hot if it wasn’t totally inappropriate to think that of a 16 yo.

  2. I love the description of the mask – “ubiquitous, a sign of danger inbound or outbound, of dubious functionality, and quintessentially Japanese” – it is perfection! Looking forward to more reflections on male vanity next year!!

  3. Thanks, GEG. Your blog is a huge inspiration for me. I am content to know that Japanese peacocks are making themselves pretty for feminine viewers. As my husband (and Blondie) say, dreaming is free.

  4. Kathryn, the train parked in front of Hachiko is actually a cool museum about the history of Shibuya and how it grew up alongside the rail line. Lots of photos of old Shibuya.

    The funny thing is that if you go inside, people act like they are in a real rail car: reading, chatting, and even sleeping!

    I am not sure if the last image is Yamada from Say! Hey! Jump! It’s advertising some new Nihon Television show. A quick S!H!J! search turned up various inappropriate images, like this one: http://img3.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/414499c9b91dd422ba7336b0efc0259e1225649030_full.jpg

  5. Ah, I thought the train was something for old people… lol.

    There is a shop here that sells Japanese magazines and one time I bought one and was reading it (well looking at the pics) on the tram on the way home. Turned the page and there was a similar H!S!J! pic to that one! Very, very embarassing.

  6. First-time commenting here. I love this post. I have a constant desire to photograph people out here in Japan too. I’m just so scared that I’ll anger someone. Love these photos. And your interpretations!

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