Gyaruo blog & more

One of my absolute favorite Japanese blogs is Love Hotel Japan, which is one filthy story after the next about a Swedish young woman who enjoys lots of Japanese men and tells!

This week she reveals more details than most people would need to know about her new gyaruo boyfriend: a  guy who wears heavy foundation & eyebrow pencil, spends an hour and a half flat-ironing his hair, and enjoys wearing pink Panther undies, blowing bubbles inside the love hotel room, and using pink egg vibrators on himself.

The detail is stunning and over-the-top. As a bonus, she provides a link to a gyaruo blog (not her boyfriend’s).


  1. Back stage we’re having the time
    Of our lives until somebody says
    ‘forgive me if i seem out of line’
    Then she whipped out a gun
    Tried to blow me away

    Dude looks like a lady
    Dude looks like a lady
    Dude looks like a lady
    Dude looks like a lady

  2. XD That’s so great. I really love these guys, but the pretty ones in Taiwan don’t care to talk to me at all. What’s a shallow girl in love with Asian pretty boys to do?!

  3. I’m glad you enjoy my adventures!
    Thanks for the kind and supportive comment, too. Green Eyed Geisha is one of my favorite bloggers, too! I hope you’ll have the best time together!

    1. MISA, the lovely Green Eyed Geisha made my dreams come true by taking my host club virginity. We both agreed that the next host club trip must include you! Are you willing to come with us?

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