Smappa: Mega host club with Lohas twist

Smappa: Mega host club with Lohas twist

Kabukicho is now full of ads for this new (?) host club called Smappa!, which seems a blatant rip-off of SMAP, the boy band now entering middle-age. The Smappa ad for Shun-kun above hilariously promises 夜のロハス, night-time lohas.

Lohas means Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, and applies to a 30 something female demographic. What has made hairspray and men’s make-up sustainable? I think actually, like the club name, it is a blatant attempt to connect with larger pop culture themes (like a bad porn title that mimics a Hollywood blockbuster).

From their incredibly complete Smappa! website, I have borrowed these staff images. Scroll to the bottom to see their onsen/ryoukan holiday. These boys are well-documented. Check their Smappa website for more!

Smappa staff Smappa staff Smappa staff smappa_staff4 Smappa staff


  1. mads, the “host” clubs are for *women* clients only. both hostesses and the older wives of rich men who are bored and lonely frequent these clubs.

    in japan, looking like a tranny signals that you are a heterosexual male, and many women find that look attractive.

  2. *nosebleed*

    I wonder, if you or any man were to enter a host club, would they turn you away? They are way too hot to pass up–if I was a guy, I’d try to go.

    Luckily I’m a girl. :3

    Also, your “looking like a tranny signals that you are a heterosexual male” is dead on!

    T.T I have reason to believe there are no host clubs in Taiwan… I won’t give up though! I found two maid cafes! Host club is not far behind!

    1. I am hoping to go with a certain foreign geisha friend to a host club to celebrate the end of the year (and her lsat exam). In a bad economy, I don’t think they are turning away customers (^_-)

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