1. LOVE the camel toe! Awesome.
    Why do transgendered people usually do “girl” so much better than biologically-born girls do?
    She’s soo cute.

    1. Julie, YES! I saw the c-toe myself but was too discrete to bring attention to that “place.”

      Haruna is amazingly charming and funny, using the opening for “crazy transsexuals” as a tarento but also so much more than that.

  2. I think they “do” girl better than girls ’cause they actually try…we girls can be lazy about it – after all, we already are girls…then again, so is Ai now! We natural-born girls need transgender girl-friends for beauty assists!

      1. Actually… many trans women need beauty assists too. They don’t get taught in teenagerhood.

        And if they don’t get puberty-blockers when young, the masculinising effects can be unfortunate.

      2. Good points about childhood training and biology. I guess the flip side is that if someone really wants something, they are more likely to focus, observe, and become experts. Rather than just assume that they already “are” what they want, need, and feel that they must be.

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