Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend: a huge meat head?

Anderson Cooper's boyfriend: a meat head?

Is Benjamin (Antoine) Maisani really Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend? Gawker claims that this co-owner of East Village bar Eastern Bloc is the closeted CNN anchor’s boyfriend. I think Andie can do better than this extreme muscle queen, but maybe he has a rare mind underneath all that meat.

Thanks to Alexander Chee for passing on this breaking news!


  1. Very interesting …. very …. and I also feel it’s none of anyones business. He does a great job, what does his SEXUALITY have to do with his job. People have no lives of their own and want to make it miserable for those that have one

    1. Jai, you are welcome to your opinion. I really can’t disagree more, though. Heterosexuality is constantly broadcast as normal, aspirational and even inevitable. When every gay celebrity is closeted, it provides a false view that is ultimately hurtful. Andy has the money and status to come out and deal with the consequences. He could be the male Ellen Degeneris. And, yes, I do think we judge people by who they are with: Andy could be with an artist or intellectual or a fat person, no?!

  2. So it’s not enough that Mr. Cooper should come out, he should be required to get approval for whomever he happens to want to date/love? COME ON!

    1. I guess your interest in Mr Cooper’s boyfriend brought you to Tokyo Moe. It’s been one of my most popular posts. I doubt Mr Cooper is waiting for me to approve of anything. My opinion is nothing more than that.

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