Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boys Love

Saito Takumi (斎藤工) in Boy's Love

Thank you, Pu, for bring up Saito Takumi (斎藤工). This is an alluring movie poster. Have any of my readers seen this movie? Is “Boys Love” for fujoshi, gays, or both?

I read on Wikipedia that there are two versions, both involving “unexpected love” between young men and precocious high school boys. Is this a jailbait story? Any reviews from my readers?


  1. I’ve seen this movie and it was unexpected touching. *ggg* Not yaoi boyslove at all – well, but it’s a real movie, not an Anime. *ggg*

    I think it’s not really for gays, just for woman to keep on dreaming. Takumi Saito was just such a eye-candy – still ist. ^^

    If I understand this (slang?) word right: jailbait – not at all! Well, there’s a sex scene and Takumi is showing off his hot ass, but between the main characters it’s really easy. Just a romantic story with a “good death” – as Japanese would categorize. “Deeply romantic” in the very meaning, then. (For japanese, I guess)

    The movie itself isn’t that hot, but Takumi is. ;P

  2. Oh thanks for the urbandictionarly link! I need that to improve my writing skills in english. *g*
    Well, there’s not really word for that, they just call the case underage sex – it’s very high punitive followed, if you get caught.

    the High School girls/guys aren’t that into tempting older men – not with the risk.

  3. Oh yes. 🙂 Boys Love is a great movie. I think it’s the best one Takumi’s done. Sukitomo was a joke and the movie after that was… weird.

    It’s definitely for women. But, it’s worth watching. ❤

    If I remember correctly… I *think* Takumi is playing a high schooler. Yes! I remember now! Because he played a junior high student in the Prince of Tennis musicals (which I find hilarious b/c he is and looks around 25), then he played a HSer in this movie, and the movie after he was a college student.

    I've never seen the second version and for the life of me I can't remember why or what it's about but I remember thinking: they're just trying to milk it. I think it's an alternative to the first one… It only has the non-Takumi actor in it. And I think it's more shouta-y. And it's a play. I've never been able to find it online but I don't admit to looking very hard.

    ^^ You really need to watch this. And the movie Bishounen. And, like a 100 other movies I can't think of. Like The King and the Clown and Antique. And Frozen Flower. @.@ My memory is failing me!

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