33% of Japanese Men Sit to Pee

Toto toilet

According to a survey by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto, 33% of Japanese men sit to pee at home. The numbers are almost 10% higher than five years ago. Reasons cited include “ease of posture” and “to make cleaning easier.”

Takuji Yano, Toto’s public relations staff, explains, “It seems that people are tending to be more conscious about the bathrooms in their home, such as equipping washlet attachments to the toilet and trying to keep them cleaner.”

Could this be true? Is this self-reported or observed research data?


  1. I know someone who sits to pee… He told me he does it when he is sleepy. It seems that lots of men won’t do it because it would make them feel less masculine? I don’t think they should worry. This person I know drives me wild with his irresistible charm… Brrrrr. Verging on TMI, I’ll leave it at that πŸ™‚

    1. Wow. I didn’t realize that men sitting to pee could be a turn-on for women. I am less afraid of appearing than feminine, and more concerned that it would be uncomfortable. Even in high heels, I would stand to pee.

  2. Bahahahahahaha @ your last sentence!

    I always wish I can pee anywhere/standing up like guys but I never thought there’d be guys who wish to have urinary limitations.

    Male privilege is a weird thing.

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