Young internet friends

Sometimes I have to be careful when speaking to people face-to-face about my internet friends. There is no way that it is appropriate to mention my “high school girl” friend I met online, but sometimes I forget. Still, getting to know several expat girls in Asia in their late teens and 20s has been an unexpected result of this blog.

For the record, I have met none of them in person, and being 100% gay I am only interested in friendship and reading their blogs. If anything, I feel mostly like a protective uncle, particularly to the teenager. And I am thrilled to learn about pop culture, boy-obsessions, and male misbehavior from them. We have a surprising amount of common interests!

I just noticed that two of my young online friends have mentioned me recently in their blogs: Marius Mink and MISA from Satellite of Love. I am also a big fan of 20s Canadian professional in Tokyo Green Eyed Geisha.


  1. I think it’s obvious I am catching up on my blog reading today!! Thanks for the shout out, the feeling is mutual. (And if you haven’t yet visited a butler cafe I am still insterested in conducting some “research” for a blog entry!)

  2. Thank you, GEG, for your comment. Yes, let’s finally meet in person. Butler bar would be fun, and so would host bar!

    I visited Edelstein, the “boarding school” cafe in Harajuku, but was very disappointed by the weak cosplaying.

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