My favorite new blog in Japan

Satellite of Love

OMG. I discovered perhaps the most delicious, exhibitionist blog in Japan, Satellite of Love by a part-Japanese Swedish model. She is frank about her abundant sex life and her opinions about Japanese men, marriage, and girlish fun. Did I mention that she illustrates her stories with images of Japanese male idols? Plus, she posts almost daily! I am in heaven.

Yesterday’s post had some priceless advice for foreign ladies in Japan:

“Here’s a note for any girl interested in dating in Japan: Date a hairdresser. hairdressers in Japan are usually straight, usually not shy, usually really fun, and you can get your hair done for free if you guys start dating. That, and they’re interested in different kinds of hair, so if you’re not Japanese, your hair is sort of a bonus for them. πŸ™‚ Funny, but true. I’ve dated 3 Japanese hairdressers and they’ve all been great.”

I am hooked!


  1. You’re right! This blog is fabulous! XD I just read like 8 entries when I just meant to take a peak.

    I’m loving the random, irrelevent idol pics. Although, I was a bit dissappointed that the entry that featured Yamapi’s semi-nude photoshoot had nothing to do with Yamapi.

    1. Christophe,
      what about her blog makes it seem fake?

      I’m asking out of genuine curiosity, not trying to start any wank at all-

    1. i am not entering this debate. i love the blog, whether truth or fiction. the hubb made fun of me for being so gullible and literal. i hope the author keeps writing!!

  2. You can think it’s fake if you want! It’s not fake, though. I will take and post pictures of all the love hotels I go to from now on to prove it that the site is real. You will know it’s real because you can’t go to love hotels alone or in same-sex couples (sad, but true) so you must believe that I am a foreign girl with a Japanese guy.

    But I don’t care if nobody believes me. πŸ˜‰

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