An infinity of teased male hair

An infinity of teased male hair

This subway poster caught my attention. I don’t now what is more impressive: the immaculately teased hair, the strange expressions, the apparent lasciviousness, or the vision of one never-ending series of detached heads. The ad is for Lotte’s Acuo, perhaps a breath mint. Maybe my dear readers can identify the model?


  1. The name of the company is “Lotte,” which specializes in breath mint, gum, etc. Their famous sales tag is: お口の恋人ロッテ、which means “Lotte, the lover of your mouth.” Yes, it sounds a bit dirty in English.
    You can see three different commercials related to this ad:
    I guess, the actor’s name is Ikuta Tohma 生田斗真–am I wrong?!

  2. thanks, dean, for the rapid fire identification. Hana Kimi sounds like a fun drama.

    and, kankuro, thank you for pointing to the TV ad link. the first one, where the young Johnny’s boy forces his male teacher to witness his long-lasting good breath, is bizarre and sexually inappropriate.

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